JackpotCity Casino Review

Jackpot City Casino: Introduction

Even so I have played at more than 30 different online casino sites I always feel it is exiting to try a new one. However I must also admit that I am always confused and lost in the beginning. Basic questions like how to sign up and make it all work is not always as easy as it seems. Figuring out how the promotions work with an online casino is also something of a challenge. Today I have decided to try a game at JackpotCity Casino.

Promotion: €/$/£ 500 free

The front page offers a double deposit bonus up to $500. It is a match bonus for your first 2 deposits. 100% up to 200 Dollars for the first deposit and 100% up to 300 dollars for the second deposit.  The most important term is that you have to wager your bonus money 50 times before you can cash. You can always cash out winnings for your own money no matter how much you have wagered your bonus. For instance if you deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus. Then you need to wager 50*100 = 5000.

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First impressions: Front page

The first impression I get of JackpotCity Casino is that the front page has been designed to keep it simple and overloading the visitors with too much information in text. The design is dark and showing a city skyline. The colors are friendly and it seems very professional. Even so there is not a lot of text I still get a lot of basic information that is important to know before starting playing at Jackpot City Casino.

Jackpot City Casino front page. Nice simple design and not too much text info.

Jackpot City Casino front page. Nice simple design and not too much text info.

  • The software is available in more than 15 languages including some sign languages I am guessing to be Chinese and other Asian countries.
  • JackpotCity Casino offer a $500 FREE double deposit bonus. I make a mental note to check out the rules for this one.
  • I can play online casino from my mobile as well. I see Apple iPhone, Android, Tablets, Windows and BlackBerry.
  • I can play in any major currency I like including $ (US, CA, AU, NZ) £, €, CHF, Kroner, Zl.
  • Encrypted secure and private  system.
  • Play online casino by browser play or download the software. When downloading the software remember to trust the supplier. Your firewalls might ask you and you can without a doubt say yes to this.

So even so the front page do not contain a lot of text I still found a lot of useful information.

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JackpotCity online Casino download

I downloaded the JackpotCity.exe file by clicking the blue “Play Now” button on the front page. My Avast Virus detection system asked me if I wanted to trust the manufacturer of the file and I selected the option saying yes.  I used Mozilla Firefox to download.

After downloading the online casino software you will have a free choice to test all the JackpotCity Casino top games. You can either choose to play for real money or play in the practice play mode. Personally I do always try play in fun money mode first to get a feel for how it works. Then after I feel comfortable with the software I am going to deposit some real money and try my luck here. The software has been developed by highly acclaimed Microgaming so I am full of expectations when entering the online casino.

Jackpotcity online casino selection page of top games.

Jackpotcity online casino selection page of top games.

JackpotCity Casino top games

With the download software you have access to a lot of variety in terms of games. Below is a short list of what you will find when downloading the software. Not all of them have been pre-installed. Some games will only install when you request to play them. This is a major advantage for you so you do not install more than you need.

  • 265 Sophisticated slot machines
  • 89 Classic slot machines
  • 42 Black Jack tables
  • 59 Video Poker games
  • 32 Tables of roulette and other games
  • Other different games and tournaments. Try have a look at it when you install the software.

This will get you started with the JackpotCity Casino downloadable software. You can play the practice mode for free without needing to deposit so my best advice is that you try downloading the online casino and playing the free practice games. It will be a lot more fun playing the games hands on instead of reading my review text explaining about all the games.

If you have any specific questions that I can help you with please just leave a comment below.

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Instant browser play

A faster way to get the action going is by using the instant browser play option. The graphics is not as nice compared to the download version but you will have a faster access to the thrill of the games.  You can try both and see which one you prefer. My personal choice is the download version.

The advantage of the browser version is that it does not take up any space on your hard drive and you do not run into problems with your virus detection system. Otherwise besides graphics it is more or less the same.

Jackpot City Casino instant browser play menu.

Jackpot City Casino instant browser play menu.

Jackpot City Casino support

Live Chat Support

From the front page you have 2 support links. The link in the upper right corners takes you to the Live Chat Support. This is open 24/7 and offers the best way of communicating with the casino. I used it and waited less than 60 seconds before I was attended to by one of their staffs.  It works like a chat window and you can type questions and receive answers like a Yahoo Messenger or Skype IM conversation.

Phone support and email support.

You can also choose to call JackpotCity Casino support and use some of the toll free numbers.  The call center is open all day and all night 7 days a week. You can use one of the below toll free numbers:

Australia 0011 800 1515 1516
UK 0-800-917-8547
Canada 1-800-768-1946
Switzerland 0-800-001-720
French-speaking Support +44-2033-285-996 (Not toll free)
Spain 900-994-520
New Zealand 00-800-1515-1516
Japan: Calling via KDDI: 010-800-1515-1516
Using Other Service Providers: 001-010-800-1515-1516
Calling via a mobile: 0033-010-800-1515-1516
Germany 0-800-000-3369
Austria 0-800-005-078
Italy 800-870-065
Other Regions +44-800-917-8547 (Not toll free)

Beware that the numbers are usually only toll free if you call from the same country and from a landline. If you use a cell-phone the call will not be free.

EMAIL:  support@playersupportcentre.com   

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