EuroGrand Casino Review

EuroGrand Casino review

EuroGrand Casino is an online casino established in 2002 by the William Hill Group. I am going to make this EuroGrand Casino review based on the fact that EuroGrand Casino is already part of a well-established casino group. Why is this important to you? Call me naive but William Hill Group was established in 1934 and they are still one of the largest gambling businesses in the world today. I am going to trust these guys more than a small home programmer. The group behind EuroGrand Casino also have 16.500 employees and everyday going to work I believe these 16.500 employees serve as potential whistle-blowers if not all is conducted according to decent moral and ethics.

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EuroGrand Casino Review

What you see when entering EuroGrand Casino


EuroGrand Casino first deposit bonus

All new players are entitled to a first deposit bonus. Actually also a 2nd deposit is available for you but I think the first is the most important so you can have a good welcome bonus to find out if you like EuroGrand Casino or not.

4 different first deposit bonuses

EuroGrand Casino offers you 4 different first deposit bonuses to choose from. Each of them has a different purpose and caters to how much you would like to deposit the first time. There are offers to both regular players and high rollers.

  • Deposits €/$10 to €/$24:  Get 100% match up to €/$24
  • Deposits €/$25 to €/$300: Get 300% up to €/$300
  • Deposits €/$300 to €/$600: Flat €/$600 bonus. (Mid roller bonus)
  • Deposits €/$1000 to €/$2000: Flat €/$1000 bonus. (High roller bonus)
    EuroGrand Casino

    Visit EuroGrand Casino: Choose any of the first deposit bonuses you like up to €1000.


Each bonus is only for new players to the casino. This is a way for the EuroGrand Casino to offer you a welcome bonus. Also in order to prevent fraud the EuroGrand Casino set a term that you need to wager your bonus and deposit 12 times before you can cash out. Since many online casino has a wager requirement of 40-60 times this is actually really good.

EuroGrand Casino best deposit bonus: Get 300% up to €/$300

I think this is the EuroGrand Casino best deposit bonus. Giving 300% up to €/$300 for a minimum deposit of €/$25 and maximum €/$ is appealing to most people. If you for instance deposit €100 EuroGrand Casino will add another €300 to your play money and you will have in total €400 to play casino games for.

If you prefer to play for less you can still deposit as low as €10 and have a nice 100% bonus. However if you deposit close to €25 you should really consider increasing your deposit amount to reach the €25 threshold to be entitled to a 300% bonus.

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How to claim your EuroGrand Casino first deposit bonus

EuroGrand Casino makes it easy for you to claim your first deposit bonus. All you have to do is follow this step by step buide.

  • Step 1: Open the EuroGrand Casino website. Register an account in the instant browser play or download the software. I recommend the browser play to register.
  • Step 2: Go to the casino cashier and choose how you would like to deposit. After that make a deposit of your choice. Here you need to decide how much bonus you would like. If you deposit €/$25 you get 300% but if you only deposit €/$24 you will only get 100%. In this case by depositing €/$1 extra you get an extra €/$ 50 in bonus.
  • Step 3: When you open a EuroGrand Casino game now you will see a button saying “claim bonus” or “accept bonus”. Click this one and your bonus will go into your EuroGrand Casino account instantly. I like this so I can start playing for my bonus immediately.

EuroGrand Casino user experience

EuroGrand Casino is a dedicated online casino site. When you join EuroGrand Casino you can play any type of casino game you like. You can play on mobile devices as well. If you like live casino you can also watch a live dealer spin the roulette or deal cards.

The casino site is intuitive and very easy to navigate. Everything you need is in the top menu. In case you need help you have quick and easy access to support. The support team can be reached by phone, email or live chat. I prefer live chat since it is fast and efficient. I get my problems solved immediately and do not need to wait on a phone line.


Most popular games at EuroGrand Casino

The most popular games at EuroGrand Casino are the beautiful designed slots by PlayTech. These slots come in any variety you like.  You can play 1 to 50 lines at a time and choose exactly how much you would like to bet. The roulette and Black Jack games are also popular. Many prefer to play the video poker against the house instead of live poker. I also prefer the video poker because I am not so good in poker and I have better winning chances when playing video poker.

EuroGrand Casino Review - most popular games

EuroGrand Casino Review – The most popular games

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EuroGrand Casino Slots

EuroGrand Casino has more than 100 slots to choose from during the time of making this EuroGrand Casino review. Each with a different theme and many designed based on a movie theme.

  • Gladiator with progressive Jackpot (25 lines slot)
  • X-men (25 lines slot)
  • Great Blue (25 lines slot)
  • Hulk (50 lines slot)
  • Fantastic Four (50 lines slot)
  • Spin 2 Millioin $
  • Halloween Fortune (20 lines slot)
  • Desert Treasure II (20 lines slot)

All the slots have been created to deliver entertainment to the player. I always feel most exited when I get free games with a nice multiplier. This is where I mostly see big winnings to be made. Many of these slots have free games features with multipliers.

EuroGrand Casino slots

Most popular EuroGrand Casino slots


Win €8,200,000 in different jackpots

If you like to win jackpots this is possible. EuroGrand Casino jackpots have reached a combined €8,200,000 on the progressive slots. During the time I made this EuroGrand Casino review I observed the progressive slots jackpots. They increased by almost €200,000. So they are growing really fast. To me this is implying a lot of activity is going on at EuroGrand Casino.

Funky Fruits Farm slot

The slot I played to make this EuroGrand Casino review was called Funky Fruits Farm. I had a lot of fun playing it. This is a 20 lines slot with bright happy colours and a fun theme a bit similar to Angry Birds. A special feature giving up to 33 free games with a 15 multiplier is available. I played this for a while and like to use the “auto play” button where I choose to let it spin until next feature.

EuroGrand Casino slot Funky Fruits Farm

Play Funky Fruits Farm slot at EuroGrand Casino

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Advanced encryption technology for personal safety

No personal information is send over the internet today without being encrypted. EuroGrand Casino is no difference to this. An online casino needs to protect the personal details of their players. The security is delivered by Thawte SSL certificates.

This is an encryption method using modern and latest technology. EuroGrand Casino will before any information is send to their servers from your pc scramble the information.  This is done using an advanced 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology. For more information about SSL encryption visit the Thawte website. When I wrote this EuroGrand Casino review this was the best security system on the market.

EuroGrand Casino review score (9/10)

I have now been around all aspects of the EuroGrand Casino review. I did not really find something I did not like or think could have been better. EuroGrand Casino is delivering what you can expect from one of the largest gambling companies in the world. Highlights of the EuroGrand Casino review are:

  • The casino is for everyone. I think EuroGrand Casino show it by having 4 different first deposit bonuses. Two bonuses are available for regular players. One bonus is available if you are a high roller or mid roller.
  • The first deposit bonus of 300% up to 300€ is generous and attractive.
  • Every type of communication available to support
  • Easy to understand and navigate website
  • Easy signup process
  • First deposit bonus delivered instantly. No waiting time.
  • Many appealing and exiting slots
  • $8,400,000 to be won in jackpots
  • Safe online casino using 128-bit SSL encryption technology.
  • Live casino with a real live dealer.

If you like to play online casino games when it at its best this is probably on of the best choices available. A 100% dedicated online casino site. If I should point a finger at something I would like to do it at the fact it’s a dedicated casino site. Maybe you would also like to play other games like sports betting, poker or bingo. If that is so I would recommend you to try visit the William Hill Casino or read my William Hill Casino review.

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Final review score (9/10)

You have arrived to the end of my EuroGrand Casino review. Based on my analysis of the EuroGrand Casino I did not identify anything that was not working. I only had a small argument if it would also have been nice to be able to play other type of games but I do not think it is really important to an online casino player so I only subtract 1 point for this. However you might also believe a dedicated online casino operator will be able to give a better service than a multipurpose site.

So the final score is going to be 9 out of 10 points to end this EuroGrand Casino review.

EuroGrand Casino

Select your EuroGrand Casino signup bonus today.


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