Betfair Casino Review

Betfair casino review

Today I am going to make a Betfair casino review. Betfair casino is an UK based company offering online casino, betting, poker, bingo and bet exchange as well. Having worked in the industry since 2006 I can say that to me Betfair casino is one of the big names. Betfair casino is one of the leading providers of gambling to players all over the world. So I really look forward to make this Betfair Casino review.

Betfair casino review

Exiting movie themed slot machines at Betfair Casino

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Betfair casino deposit bonus: 200% up to £300

Betfair casino change the promotions they offer to users every once in a while. Betfair casino also offer different types of promotions depending on your favorite type of game. Casino players and betting players are not offered the same type of promotion for instance. For this reason it might also be a bit difficult to tell you the exact promotions you can have at any given day. This is only to say that the promotion mentioned is valid at the time of making this Betfair Casino review.

My recommendation would be that you check the latest Betfair casino promotions here.

£300 first deposit bonus. 200% up to £300

Betfair casino is right now offering all new online casino players a unique bonus of 200% up to £300. This is a really generous offer and is available to all of those who have never played at Betfair casino  before. If you already have an account with Betfair casino it is better to try one of our online casino promotions where you do not hold an account.

Deposit example

If you make a first deposit of £50 at the Betfair casino you will have a total of £150 to play casino games for. You have the original £50 deposited plus an extra 200% given to you from Betfair casino. That is £50 + £100 equalling £150 to play for.

Wager requirements

Wager requirements for this promotion is 25x meaning before you can withdraw your bonus money to your bank account you need to play it through 25 times. A wager is the accumulated amount you have gambled. So if you place £5 in a slot machine 2 times your total wager is £10.

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Betfair casino sign up process

To signup correctly at Betfair casino you should follow this Betfair casino signup guide:

  1. Click here to enter the Betfair casino landing page with the £300/200% first deposit offer.
  2. Click “Play now” to be taken to the registration form. Fill out the form.
  3. Make a deposit and start playing

Betfair casino encryption

It is safe to deposit using your credit card at Betfair casino. You can safely give your customer details to Betfair casino who has state of the art advanced technology to protect it. They use SSL encryption for transmissions and 128-bit SSL Verisign Class certificates. For the time of making my Betfair Casino review this is the best there is.

Depositing methods at Betfair casino

Depositing money at Betfair casino is easy. You have a lot of choices available of those I have listed below.

  • VISA
  • VISA Elektron
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro Solo Card (MasterCard Solo)
  • PayPal
  • Money Bookers
  • Neteller
  • Fundsend
  • Click And Buy

Credit card registration

When you want deposit by creditcard using Mastercard or VISA you need to register a card. To register a card you need the card number, expiry dates, bank name and name on credit card. The last thing you need is the 3 control digits and the back of the card  in the field where you have (or should) put your signature.

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Betfair casino best games

I think Betfair casino has a nice range of top games and top slot machines. The fact that Betfair casino is an all-inclusive one stop playing machine makes it a big advantage compared to other sites. When you play at Betfair casino you can use one deposit wallet to play all games no matter if it’s an online casino game, live betting, bingo, poker or betting on football and other sports.

Betfair casino slots

I was pretty exited when I saw the front page with all the casino slots. I noticed some of my favorite movies were turned into casino slots. I cannot wait to try out all these games. A short list of those movie slot machines available is presented below.

  • X-men
  • Iron Man I & II
  • Kong Kong
  • The Gladiator
  • Blade
  • Fantastic Four
  • Hulk
  • Pink Panther

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Iron Man 2 Slot Machine

You really should try to play the Iron Man 2 game. It is a 50 lines machine that delivers an amazing thrill and 10 FREE games feature with an expanding multiplier. The thrill of hunting for the next 10 free games is a lot of fun.

Betfair casino review - Iron Man 2 slot

Try the amazing Iron Man 2 slot machine at Betfair Casino

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Betfair casino: Other Games

Besides delivering extraordinary good slot machines Betfair casino also offer any other casino game you can think of. The are plenty of options for playing video poker, black jack, roulette and other thrilling and fun games. Betfair casino is fun entertainment.

Betfair casino review score (9/10)

It is time for me to begin the conclusion of my Betfair Casino review. If you have not played at Betfair casino before now is the time. Use exclusive promotion and you will get started in less than 5 minutes. I personally think Betfair casino is one of the leaders of this industry because the really deliver one of the strongest and most reliable products you can find in the online gaming industry. Some of the major advantages of Betfair casino are the smoothness since it runs really fast on my PC. Also the variety of games and the fun slot machines of some of the most amazing movies is a blast.

I also value that by using Betfair casino I am able to play other games than just casino games. I can also play on sports, poker, bingo and betting.

£300 signup bonus is also generous and I am happy to be able to have 200% extra money to play for as a welcome bonus.

Final review score (9/10)

For this reason I am going to end this Betfair casino review by giving a review score of 9 out of 10. To go all the way to the top I would have liked to be able to try some free money games and maybe have had a function to play the games for fun before I decided to make a real money deposit. If you like this Betfair Casino review please let me know or write a comment on what you think I missed.

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